Healing Herb Calendula

Healing Herb Calendula
One of my favourite medicinal herbs, this calendula flower was visited by a bee when I snapped it at the Lismore Community Garden.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


With apologies for the sex role stereotyping.

Recently there appears to be a dramatic increase in the influenza virus known colloquially as 'Man-flu'. It is similar in many ways to other varieties of winter viruses, but there are some key
diagnostic indicators which health practitioners look out for.
The susceptible target is gender-and age-specific, only affecting adult males. Users of social media, and specifically Twitter, appear to be more susceptible. Current theories are that the virus has mutated to a form which can be transmitted via smartphone app software.
The predominant symptom of the man-flu, generally reported by other family members, is the tendency for the sufferer to be loquacious and complaining, with a dominance of the “poor me” response. Other symptoms can include fever, headache, streaming nose, and demands for
Symptoms will usually resolve with supportive care. Other family members (and I use this term broadly) who provide hand-holding, soothing of fevered brow, attention to detail in providing
requested food and beverages, and a generally nurturing environment report quick resolution of symptoms.
Natural medicine support with herbal mixtures of immune support (such as Echinacea and andrographis), anti-viral agents (such as lemon balm), respiratory remedies such as elderflower, combined with Vitamin C will speed recovery and help prevent a secondary bacterial
infection occurring.
If the flu has caused chesty symptoms, I should point out that it is normal for a cough to persist up to 4 weeks after the virus has cleared up, and this should not to be seen as excessive
attention-seeking on the part of the man-flu sufferer. It will resolve with
time (or perhaps thyme?).


  1. Haha!! No one took care of me when I had man flu!! I complained to the cat.

  2. I guess the 'broad term' of other family members could include the cat! And surely you had a little TLC from some humans...