Healing Herb Calendula

Healing Herb Calendula
One of my favourite medicinal herbs, this calendula flower was visited by a bee when I snapped it at the Lismore Community Garden.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Traditional Medicinals:Healing Herbs

This is a new journey for me, being of that generation which grew up before television was invented (no, I'm not 150 years old!). First blog! Didn't know much about it before "Julie and Julia".
I love herbal medicine, and would like to share information based on thirty years of experience in herbal prescribing. After qualifying as a psychologist, I fell in love with herbal medicine after a personal success with red clover, which remains one of my favourite herbs. I studied with Dorothy Hall in Sydney, and her love of herbs was highly infectious.
Women's health is a long-term specialisation of mine, as I have previously worked at the Leichhardt Women's Health Centre (Sydney), and the Lismore and District Women's Health Centre.
In the last 17 years, I have watched Traditional Medicinals grow from a tiny shop in an arcade, to the large vibrant retail store in the main street. Customers appreciate the convenience of dropping in to our dispensary, and having qualified naturopathic staff make them a herbal mix on the spot. Our focus in the dispensary is acute remedies which address the symptoms as quickly as possible. In the clinic rooms we provide the "whole picture" approach, addressing the underlying causes of ill health through diet, lifestyle, detoxification, immune support, and stress management.
Currently we are treating a lot of colds, flu, chesty coughs etc as it is change of season. Favourite herbs are echinacea, andrographis, baptisia, goldenseal (cultivated of course, not to deplete wild sources), elecampane, and the universal favourite licorice root.
I wish you all good health, until the next post.
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  1. Welcome to the herbal blogosphere! I look forward to sharing your wisdom.