Healing Herb Calendula

Healing Herb Calendula
One of my favourite medicinal herbs, this calendula flower was visited by a bee when I snapped it at the Lismore Community Garden.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Heavy Metal Detoxification

I promised I would write a blog about NOT using DMSA for removal of heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic etc)and using natural remedies instead. This photo by the way is of Komal and Leah making herbal mixtures in our dispensary at Traditional Medicinals. Interesting how things come up in runs, but on consecutive days I found myself having conversations with people about how they had been given DMSA chelation by doctors, and how incredibly ill it made them. With long-lasting adverse effects!
I thought this was tragic, given how effective natural remedies can be, and the detoxifying herbs are actually beneficial to the liver, not poisonous. Why didn't they see a naturopath or herbalist instead?!
Assessing the problem is important, as it gives an idea of time frame and comprehensiveness of treatment. I have used Hair Mineral Analysis, as it seems reliable in measuring heavy metals. It also gives important information about changes along the way, although it is important to know how to interpret the results.
At my herbal dispensary and clinic in Lismore (Australia), I have had great results with natural remedies including micronised zeolite, St. Mary's Thistle, anti-oxidants, organic chlorella, and dierary liver support. It's necessary to add a multi-mineral supplement, as the detoxification can also remove a small amount of the desirable minerals.
I'll give you a case study as an example. A client with a history of eczema had mercury levels practically off the graph (from Hair Mineral Analysis) at 0.60. After 4 months on natural remedies, the mercury had dropped to only one third ie. 0.20. During this time, his lead levels which were low on the first test came up to 0.30. This might seem puzzling, but it's actually a good sign. By removing so much mercury, the constant load on the body's detoxification mechanisms was reduced. Therefore stored lead (mostly in bones) can be drawn into circulation and be gradually excreted. Testing 6 months later showed mercury had dropped further, to only 0.10 (low end of "normal" range), and the lead levels disappeared completely.
Although the process took a long time, it produced no side-effects at all, and leaves a middle-aged male with a much healthier future.
I just can't see the point in using a poison to eliminate toxins from the body, when it can be done safely and naturally. I certainly recommend any programme be undertaken with an experienced Natural Health Practitioner, since everyone needs an individually tailored treatment which takes the rest of the symptoms and medical history into account.
I hope this information is useful to some of you, and I wish you vibrant health. Until next time, kind regards from Trish